Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Playdate

Today we had a play date with Aven (5 1/2 Months), Ramsey (7 Months), Makena (8 1/2 Months). We were so sad that Claire couldn't come but she had a bad cold. We hope you are feeling better Claire! We had a lot of fun today with the kiddos! Here are a few pics! :)

Alivia and Makena trying to ride the caterpillar at the same time!

All of the kids playing at the activity center!

Aven and Alivia

Trying to get a picture of the girls but as you can see that was a little hard!
Alivia and Makena riding the caterpillar and pony together!! Makena was even picking up her bottom like a real cowgirl!! It was too cute!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alivia Walking

Here is a little glimpse of Alivia's first steps she has been taking the last couple days! Don't make fun of me because at the end I get a little excited...he, he!! Proud mommy!

Play Date with Morgan and Matthew

Today we had a very fun play date with Morgan (20 Months) and Matthew (9 Months). Alivia absolutely LOVED Morgan's toys!!! We got so many great ideas for Alivia's 1 year birthday presents. I can't wait to make Alivia a ball pit. I saw it last year at Morgan's house and then I completely forgot to make her one. I think she will LOVE having one at home so I am excited!! Thanks Jami and Morgan for a great time!! :)

Morgan's cool toys!

Playing in the ball pit!

Morgan pushing Alivia!

Morgan ran upstairs with Daddy and Alivia and Matthew were saying...."Wait for us!!"

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with the Stewarts

Since I wasn't feeling well we did half of the presents on Christmas day and the other half today at Grammy's house. Alivia was once again showered with plently of presents and LOVE from her family! Thanks for a wonderful Christmas from both of our families with our precious angel! :)

Reading a book with Grammy! Alivia got a lot of books this Christmas. She LOVES books. Hopefully this means she will LOVE to read!!

Playing with Grandma Stewart

Opening presents!

Reading another book with Daddy!!

Getting sooo sleepy for nap time!

Checking out my new baby einstein caterpillar!

The day after Christmas continues at Grammy's house! All bundled up for stockings! Alivia's stocking was handmade from Grammy! She makes all of our stockings special for us!


Grandpa and Grandma Stewart

Trying to get on my rocker all by myself! I am standing like a big girl!

Mommy reading a finger puppet book to me!

Helping daddy with his stocking! She thought he was so funny in his elf hat!

Our last family picture of the day!

Fun with daddy!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with the Richesons

In the afternoon we went to Ben's mom and dads house!! I was feeling a little bit better but still not myself yet. Alivia was once again spoiled with love and presents. Thank you for everything. She is truly blessed with such a wonderful family! :)

All of Alivia's cousins

Ben and his sister, Laura.

Our Family!

All of us with Grandpa and Grandma Richeson

I LOVE standing by myself and these bows are cool!

My new rocker pony from Grandpa and Grandma Richeson
Opening my ball popper and playing with my new puppy!
This is such hard work that my cheeks are getting red!
Trying to balance and clap on my new pony!

Christmas Morning

Well unfortunately I came down with the stomach flu pretty bad all through the night so I wasn't feeling very well on Christmas morning. I have always been that kid that woke my parents up super early in the morning and I am still like a kid on Christmas morning so I was pretty upset that I was so sick. It was a real bummer but we still opened up presents anyway and I faught through the sickness. Alivia had a ton of fun opening her presents from santa at our house. Since I wasn't feeling well Grandpa and Grandma Stewart brought over some 7up and pepto and a present from santa for Alivia since we didn't know if we would make it over to their house or not. Thanks mom and dad for the 7 up and pepto!! I didn't get very many pictures from the morning at our house but here are a few.

Opening up her stocking at our house!

This drum and piano are cool!

My new cool phone!

I LOVE the wrapping paper and I am sooo big that I can stand by myself. Oh and I took 6 steps this morning!!

My new activity center from Grandma and Grandpa Stewart's house. Santa brought it there!

I LOVE my new blocks. The things inside are so cool!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Ben and I and Alivia went to church. Our good friends Ashley, Matthew and Marty went with us too and sat with our whole family. It was a great blessing to have Alivia at church with us this year. She went to the nursery during the church service (knowing she would just want to get down and crawl around if we kept her sitting with us) but she is such a good girl at the nursery and LOVES it! We ended the night with milk and cookies...hoping santa would come! :)

I LOVE Christmas Mommy and Daddy!

Smiling with Matthew at church! So glad to have her bow off!

All bundled up for the snow blizzard. She is wearing Mommy's hat from when I was a baby. It was hand knitted from my grandma!

Milk and cookies for santa!!! I can't wait Mommy and Daddy!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas with Matthew

Today we met Matthew (Alivia's boyfriend) for lunch and Christmas presents. We had so much fun! Thanks Marty, Ashley and Matthew for the wonderful presents! :)

Opening Matthew's present with Grandma Stewart

4 Generations

Mattew opening his present from Alivia!

Reading the cool books that Marty got Alivia

Grammy playing with Matthew
Matthew and Ashley- Alivia and Mommy

Biter Biscuits!!!!

Alivia's new favorite snack is biter biscuits. Janet (our babysitter) kept telling me that she LOVED them but I didn't know what they were until she showed me. Yesterday I got some at the store and YES...she LOVES them!! They are a bit messy but watch out because if you take it from Alivia she will be very upset. Alivia is our little snack lover. She LOVES apple cinnamon puffs, yogurt melts, lil crunchies (thank goodness Gerber Graduates make those) cheerios and goldfish. I think she would eat snacks all day if I let her. She gets 2 snack times a day and LOVES it!