Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playing Outside

Tonight we just played, played and played outside right when we got home until bed time. Alivia has a little cold/cough but seemed to be feeling better so I just hated to keep her inside. She is such a big girl outside now!

Drink break!

Mommy, I want to open the garage!

Ornery look!


I LOVE my car and eating the soil out of this pot!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Swing and Coupe Car

Alivia had 2 firsts tonight! She LOVED her Coupe car AND swinging outside. We will have to get our swing set soon! :)

Her first Coupe Car!

Her first time swinging outside! We have not decided on a swing set yet and we can't have a swing under our deck so we will have to decide soon on a swing set!

I LOVE this!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Bunny

This morning after church Ben had to go do some school work so Grandma Stewart, Grammy and I decided to take Alivia to see the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro. We got there right at 11:00 and there was just a few people in line. Alivia LOVED waiting in line because she could look out the big windows. I actually thought she might be ok because she kept waving at the bunny but then when it was our turn and my mom sat her down she wasn't having it at all. The free picture they gave us was too funny because she is screaming!!! lol! Here are a few pre-Easter pics of Alivia in her Easter dress. :)

Saying "Hi!" to the people in line!

LOVING the window!

Serious face! She does this face a lot!


Ok..a little better but I am still mad!

Walking with Grammy and Grandma Stewart

Saying "Hi!" again...her favorite thing to do now!

My precious doll baby but ornery for sure! :)

Looking under the clothes racks at people! funny!! :)

Matthew's First Birthday

Today was Matthew's First Birthday. Matthew is practically family to us. Ashley is my very dear friend and our parents are best friends. We have had so much watching our kids grow up together. His party was a blast. Happy Birthday Matthew! :) By the way..I am sorry I uploaded the pictures out of order. This first picture was actually the last picture of the night! Ooops! I took a ton of pictures. ENJOY! :)

Alivia, Matthew and Ellie getting ready for pajama time!

Alivia and Ellie smiling! Ellie will be 1 next week!


Hugging the birthday boy!

Alivia and Matthew

Matthew in his new chair and umbrella! Alivia has the same one in pink!

Alivia and Alex reading!

Alex LOVES Alivia. It is too cute watching them!

Cupcake fun!

He didn't know about this icing stuff!

So happy!


Alivia being shy for the first time!

Charlie and Alex

Puppy Chow- it was a dog theme!

So cute cake!

Stephanie (Ashley's sister-in-law and my good friend)
Alivia and Grandpa Stewart- she had just woken up from a nap!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Trick

The last month Alivia has really turned into a complete "monkey" who is a little dare devil. She is not scared of climbing or doing anything. This is her new trick she likes to do until she falls and bumps her head. She literally ran from her room to the playroom so I couldn't even get her pants on fast enough before she started climbing. She has fallen a couple times and we thought she would stop doing it but no, she keeps on doing it!! :)

Step up...

and up...

and up...

I made it Mommy!! I LOVE looking out the window!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Miss Independent

Alivia is becoming more and more independent. I can't believe it...she is getting so big! When she turned 1 year old I started putting the spoon on her plate and she has really liked feeding herself. Tonight she ate chicken (imagine that?? she loves chicken so much that we have taught her to say "bak, bak" like a is hilarious!) noodles and green beans! YEH...we finally got her to eat a vegetable! So...I thought since she ate a good dinner we would have some ice cream. She was really fighting me on the spoon because she wanted to feed herself so I let her! So fun!


This is so goood!

I am so big!

This is Alivia's "sign" for "ALL DONE!" Izzey is wishing Alivia would give her more food!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mommy's Birthday with Family

Today we met Grandpa and Grandma Richeson at Steak and Shake for lunch! Boy was it yummy and Alivia LOVED it and was such a good girl. Thanks for the great birthday lunch! :) We then went and played at their house for a little bit. Alivia just played and played and played. After Alivia's afternoon nap we went to Grandpa and Grandpa Stewart's house. My mom and dad made me my favorite meal, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. It was so so good! We then had my favorite red velvet cake for dessert! Thanks everyone for all the wonderful birthday gifts! It was a fabulous day! Love you!

So fun at Grandpa and Grandma Richesons

Happy Birthday Mommy!

At her very own table and chairs at Grandma and Grandpa Stewarts House

Opening presents with Mommy. This was a pedicure from Uncle Phillip. YEH!

Having fun!

Photo Coasters!! I LOVE these! :)

Hanging Book Shelf for the playroom or Alivia's room! Thanks Grammy! :)

My mom and dad got me another photo of Alivia's 1 year pictures and framed it! I LOVE this picture!

Blowing out candles with Mommy!

The new book shelf with books in it! LOVE this! :)