Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Miss Independent

Alivia is becoming more and more independent. I can't believe it...she is getting so big! When she turned 1 year old I started putting the spoon on her plate and she has really liked feeding herself. Tonight she ate chicken (imagine that?? she loves chicken so much that we have taught her to say "bak, bak" like a is hilarious!) noodles and green beans! YEH...we finally got her to eat a vegetable! So...I thought since she ate a good dinner we would have some ice cream. She was really fighting me on the spoon because she wanted to feed herself so I let her! So fun!


This is so goood!

I am so big!

This is Alivia's "sign" for "ALL DONE!" Izzey is wishing Alivia would give her more food!