Friday, August 27, 2010

Green or Red Friday??

This morning we all decided to celebrate Kindergarten green day. At school this week I have been wearing the color of the day to practice color words with my kiddos. We all decided to wear green today. We tried taking a family pic but it just didn't work. What is funny is that it is actually red Friday and we always wear red today but I guess not this year. Alivia got to play with Daddy's football as the pre-game show was on tonight. Her new word is football. It was too cute! Daddy even caught her playing in my make-up so he decided to make her a "real" football player with black lines under her eyes! lol! She thought it was really funny....GO CHIEFS!

Us in our green.....

Daddy and Alivia in green!

Alivia's make-up job...our little foorball player! Notice the Chief's on the t.v. in the background!! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing Outside

Alivia is feeling better now...yipee!! Tonight we played outside because it had been a while since we have done that. We had a great time playing outside. I am looking forward to many Fall nights outside and going on walks!

She LOVES to smell flowers these days....

Obsessed with walking through the flowers....Check out her new shoes from Grandma Stewart and Grammy. They took her to get her foot measured and she needs a bigger size now. YEAH! She measured a 3 1/2. What a big girl!

Playing with Daddy...don't mind the dead grass. If you know Ben he is quite the yard man! We had some grub that ate our grass so we are trying to grow it back...ugh!

Giddy Up Daddy!

This shows you how tired I get after teaching Kindergartners every day. I wouldn't normally post this picture but Ben was so proud of himself for taking it so I had to blog it. Alivia NEVER, EVER falls asleep on us at night but tonight after we read her night, night book several times (Goodnight Moon) she fell right asleep while I was singing twinkle, twinkle to her. She loves that song.....My sweet baby!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Croup Again! :(

Saturday evening Alivia came down with a fever and croup. This is the 3rd time Alivia has gotten croup so thank goodness I knew what it sounded like. The first time she got it we went to the ER because it sounded like she had something stuck in her airway. If you have never heard a croup sound it sounds like wheezing and choking. It makes me so sad hearing her do that. Since we have a breathing machine now we did breathing treatments today and it helped a little bit but she screams the entire time so that isn't fun at all. Grandma Stewart is taking her to the doctor tomorrow so she will spend the day with Grandma. Our Sunday was full of cuddling today. Although, I hate seeing her sick, I LOVED cuddling with her all day. We hope our baby girl gets better soon!

Grandpa Stewart brought her McDonald's breakfast (her favorite) so we could try and get some food down her.

This is where she laid all day long...poor baby! Alivia and Mommy watched lifetime movies all day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Work :(

Well I am officially back at work this week. I met all of my kids and I am excited for a great school year. My little kindergartners were so adorable. However, I am really sad to leave Alivia but I know it will be good for her to get back into a routine. Here are a few pics of the last couple days. Ryan and Lauren came to visit us on Sunday. They are our good friends from college! I am super excited for Ryan because he just got his first principal job in Blue Springs...YEAH!! We are so happy for him. Alivia had a lot of fun playing with them today. The other pics are of Alivia's new obsession with the snack cabinet and apples! Enjoy!

Ryan and Lauren enjoying some fruit snacks with Alivia

LOVES eating an apple by herself.....she had this apple forever!

Can't get enough of hot dogs!! She is constantly saying hot dog!

She thinks she can eat snacks whenever she wants!

Trying to steal the crackers....look at that face!! he, he!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alivia's 18 Month Pictures

Here are a few of the many pictures that my very good friend, Allison, took! She is so great. I really think she needs to start her own business! Enjoy the pics! :)