Friday, August 27, 2010

Green or Red Friday??

This morning we all decided to celebrate Kindergarten green day. At school this week I have been wearing the color of the day to practice color words with my kiddos. We all decided to wear green today. We tried taking a family pic but it just didn't work. What is funny is that it is actually red Friday and we always wear red today but I guess not this year. Alivia got to play with Daddy's football as the pre-game show was on tonight. Her new word is football. It was too cute! Daddy even caught her playing in my make-up so he decided to make her a "real" football player with black lines under her eyes! lol! She thought it was really funny....GO CHIEFS!

Us in our green.....

Daddy and Alivia in green!

Alivia's make-up job...our little foorball player! Notice the Chief's on the t.v. in the background!! :)

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