Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brave and Carefree Alivia

Well I wasn't planning on blogging tonight but since we were outside and Alivia started doing the unthinkable I had to tell Ben to grab the camera. I think I have definitely underestimated Alivia's capabilities. I remember when Ben and I were trying to decide which swing set we should get we decided to get this one because we didn't think she would be able to play on a clubhouse swing set for at least a year or two. Well...needless to say I think she proved us wrong tonight!! She even wants to slide down on her tummy now! We definitely have to be right next to her as she is climbing because it is pretty dangerous but what a brave little girl we have!
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4...So PROUD of herself!

Almost there!

Ready to slide down. I missed this picture but right after this she turned over on her stomach and slid down...ha, ha! She is already breaking the kindergarten slide rules!

She was so tired from climbing that right when we came inside she ran to the play room and started taking off her clothes. She knows now when we say bath time to take off her clothes and LOVES to run around naked. She heard the icecream man out the window and ran to the window to look out!

Waving to the icecream man!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Little Green Bean!!! beans are pretty much the only vegetable that Alivia likes but she doesn't just eat them she devoures them and literally stuffs her face so quickly!! I think tonight she ate an entire can of green beans. It was too cute when she kept blowing on each one because when they first came of the grill they were hot so we said hot and blew on them and then she did cute!! Now that it is warm outside our new routine is to fix dinner right when we get home so we can go go outside right when we get done with dinner. I definitely think Alivia has caught on to this because now she signs "all done" and says, "outside!" when she is full. LOVE IT!


Still blowing...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Ride at Walmart

Every Sunday after church we do our grocery shopping together at Walmart. Today we checked out right by the arcade area. Alivia kept eyeing Mickey Mouse so I thought we would give it a try. I know these things are full of germs but I just couldn't help myself. She was a little confused while she was riding because she just stared back at Mickey the entire time she was riding. It was pretty cute!! As we were leaving Ben and I were thinking uh oh, look what we started. Now she will probably want to ride Mickey every time we go. Hopefully she doesn't remember! He, he!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Water and Sand Table

Well it was definitely a rainy weekend but we got our water and sand table. Alivia kept looking out the window at it saying, "Outside, Outside." Maybe this week we will get to play in it! Can't wait!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cranky Pants

Last night was just one of "THOSE" days and nights. Alivia was cranky at Janet's house and then when we came home she was little miss cranky pants while we were trying to make dinner. This was probably the crankiest I have seen her so I had to take a picture. Doesn't it look pitiful? I felt sorry for her for a little bit because I thought maybe she didn't feel good but the second we were done eating dinner and she got to go outside she was perfectly fine! Alivia's favorite word now is "outside." I think she would live outside if she could. Since it it is raining tonight she is crying looking out the window saying "slide" and "outside" so now we are sliding with her indoor slide in the living room. She amazes me with something new every day. Tonight she climbed up her ladder and slid down all by herself! What a big girl. Needless to say, Alivia DOES NOT like rainy days! Thank goodness for the sunshine last night or we might have been in trouble! he, he!

So sad!

She is outside on her new picnic happy!

I LOVE swinging next to Mommy on the swingset!

I also LOVE climbing up the stairs like a big girl!

My Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ball is my favorite ball ever!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swing Set is Done!!!

Here are some final pictures of us having fun tonight on the new swing set. Thank you Ben (Daddy) for all your hard work!! It definitely paid off! We promise you don't have to do anymore projects for a while! We LOVE you!!!
This is where the sand and water table and blow up pool is going to go. That is why Ben mulched such a big area in front! The picnic table is going to go under the slide area and the glider swing is coming too! I am super excited to each lunch with Alivia at the picnic table this summer. I am such a dork! :)


So fun!! The rock wall is on the steps! :)

Fun on the slide!

I can do it by myself Mommy!


Swing Set Project we have or shall I say Ben has had a LONG weekend starting during the day on Friday working on the swing set. Boy are we glad we decided to wait until Alivia was a little bigger to get a clubhouse wooden swing set because these are really hard to put together. Last weekend he started putting a few of the pieces together in the garage and then he started working again on Friday. I felt so bad for him during this entire process because it looked like such hard work. Also, Ben decided it was going to mulch the swing set area too so that in itself took an entire day just to dig. Here is the almost final product!!

His area is taped off so nicely!!! Perfectionist BEN!!

Starting to dig! Izzey is monitoring in the background!

All done digging! A lot of hours later! Ben put all of the rolls (25 rolls) of sod out at the end of our driveway for people to take for free and it was gone in 2 hours. :)

This was the edging he started out with and then changed his mind to the wood kind.

First part and weed mat is going down! Ben worked for an hour with a flash light since it got dark!

Another piece!

Weed mat is all down and the swing set is almost ready!

Now Ben decided to change the edging to wood instead of the other. He liked this one much better so he is digging the other one up and nailing this one down. Next, is the mulch which we needed 52 bags of rubber mulch!! I never thought it would take that much! Isn't that crazy??

Grandma Richeson's Birthday

Today we celebrated Grandma Richeson's birthday. Alivia LOVED seeing them and playing with them. They also made us a yummy breakfast! Thanks so much! Happy Birthday Grandma Richeson! :)

Grandma and Grandpa Richeson

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Makena's Birthday Party

Today was Makena's First Birthday party. Mommy went to college with Makena's mommy and also is in bunco with her. They are great friends. We had so much fun today with all of the girls! :)

Alivia's serious face!!

Giggles with Makena

Hugs with Makena

Hugs with Aven. Aven was sick last weekend so we missed her at Claire's birthday. So glad to see her today!

Swinging on Makena's new swing set!

Sharing snacks with Makena!

The birthday girl!

She LOVED her cupcake!

Jenn ate some too!!

Their family!

All of the girls at the water table!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This morning before we left for Janet's house I snapped a few pictures of Alivia because she looked like such a big girl in her shorts. She is changing so much lately....our little tantrums are becoming more and more toddler like by the day but they usually don't last long. Alivia also had her first bite at the babysitter yesterday...YIKES!! :( What can I say, she learned that one from her Daddy...LOL, Just Kidding! Hopefully this DOES NOT become a trend at the babysitter and for Janet's sake. Does anyone have advice on how to discipline a 14 1/2 month old for biting since timeout is probably too early? Dear Janet, I am so sorry that I bit Kayla. I will try really hard not to bite. I promise! Love, Alivia :)


So big in my pumas!

Dancer pose!

What can I say, she is a natural dancer!! He, he!

Mommy, why are you taking all of these pictures of me when I am barely awake this morning?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Tonight we went on a great family walk....even with both dogs! I am sure it is entertaining to watch me with the stroller (as Alivia is trying to jump out) and Ben trying to steer 2 wild dogs. We had a great time though. Ben thinks he is starting back an 80's fad with his sunglasses. lol!! He ordered 14 pair on-line in 3 different colors. Ha! If you don't know Ben very well this says it all about his wonderful personality!


Fun with Daddy!

"Flying BABY!" That is what we say when we do this!
She LOVES playing ball and would play all night long if we let her!
Taking Daddy's glasses!! FUN!!!