Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swing Set Project we have or shall I say Ben has had a LONG weekend starting during the day on Friday working on the swing set. Boy are we glad we decided to wait until Alivia was a little bigger to get a clubhouse wooden swing set because these are really hard to put together. Last weekend he started putting a few of the pieces together in the garage and then he started working again on Friday. I felt so bad for him during this entire process because it looked like such hard work. Also, Ben decided it was going to mulch the swing set area too so that in itself took an entire day just to dig. Here is the almost final product!!

His area is taped off so nicely!!! Perfectionist BEN!!

Starting to dig! Izzey is monitoring in the background!

All done digging! A lot of hours later! Ben put all of the rolls (25 rolls) of sod out at the end of our driveway for people to take for free and it was gone in 2 hours. :)

This was the edging he started out with and then changed his mind to the wood kind.

First part and weed mat is going down! Ben worked for an hour with a flash light since it got dark!

Another piece!

Weed mat is all down and the swing set is almost ready!

Now Ben decided to change the edging to wood instead of the other. He liked this one much better so he is digging the other one up and nailing this one down. Next, is the mulch which we needed 52 bags of rubber mulch!! I never thought it would take that much! Isn't that crazy??

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