Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cranky Pants

Last night was just one of "THOSE" days and nights. Alivia was cranky at Janet's house and then when we came home she was little miss cranky pants while we were trying to make dinner. This was probably the crankiest I have seen her so I had to take a picture. Doesn't it look pitiful? I felt sorry for her for a little bit because I thought maybe she didn't feel good but the second we were done eating dinner and she got to go outside she was perfectly fine! Alivia's favorite word now is "outside." I think she would live outside if she could. Since it it is raining tonight she is crying looking out the window saying "slide" and "outside" so now we are sliding with her indoor slide in the living room. She amazes me with something new every day. Tonight she climbed up her ladder and slid down all by herself! What a big girl. Needless to say, Alivia DOES NOT like rainy days! Thank goodness for the sunshine last night or we might have been in trouble! he, he!

So sad!

She is outside on her new picnic happy!

I LOVE swinging next to Mommy on the swingset!

I also LOVE climbing up the stairs like a big girl!

My Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ball is my favorite ball ever!

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  1. John is the same way! He loves outside and that seems to be when he is the happiest. Yet...when we have to come in...get ready for a FIT!