Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brave and Carefree Alivia

Well I wasn't planning on blogging tonight but since we were outside and Alivia started doing the unthinkable I had to tell Ben to grab the camera. I think I have definitely underestimated Alivia's capabilities. I remember when Ben and I were trying to decide which swing set we should get we decided to get this one because we didn't think she would be able to play on a clubhouse swing set for at least a year or two. Well...needless to say I think she proved us wrong tonight!! She even wants to slide down on her tummy now! We definitely have to be right next to her as she is climbing because it is pretty dangerous but what a brave little girl we have!
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4...So PROUD of herself!

Almost there!

Ready to slide down. I missed this picture but right after this she turned over on her stomach and slid down...ha, ha! She is already breaking the kindergarten slide rules!

She was so tired from climbing that right when we came inside she ran to the play room and started taking off her clothes. She knows now when we say bath time to take off her clothes and LOVES to run around naked. She heard the icecream man out the window and ran to the window to look out!

Waving to the icecream man!

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