Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Little Green Bean!!! beans are pretty much the only vegetable that Alivia likes but she doesn't just eat them she devoures them and literally stuffs her face so quickly!! I think tonight she ate an entire can of green beans. It was too cute when she kept blowing on each one because when they first came of the grill they were hot so we said hot and blew on them and then she did cute!! Now that it is warm outside our new routine is to fix dinner right when we get home so we can go go outside right when we get done with dinner. I definitely think Alivia has caught on to this because now she signs "all done" and says, "outside!" when she is full. LOVE IT!


Still blowing...


  1. Dear Alivia, I love to only eat green beans too!! I don't like other veggies. My mom wishes I did. Let's have a green bean party!!! :) Love, Morgan

  2. Cute! Carly will have to teach you girls how to eat them all! : )