Thursday, September 24, 2009

Animated Reader

Tonight I caught Daddy trying to read like Mommy. It was pretty funny. Ben always makes fun of me and says I am a better reader than he is because I am soo animated. Tonight he did a pretty good job and Alivia was very entertained. Her new favorite book is First 100 Words. We are trying to name things more often and make animal noises and etc...She seems to pay attention very well though. We are also working on bye bye a lot. I think this morning she waved back at me when I said bye bye but who knows if that was what she really meant. This age is soo fun!! :)

Happy 4 Year Anniversary

I thought it would be fun to look at some old pictures on my computer so I decided to post a few wedding pics from 4 years ago! The years are just flying by! We are looking forward to many more amazing years to come. We are so blessed with our lives!! :)

Coming out of the church!

Cake cutting

First Dance

Rehearsal Dinner...look how young we look!


My delivered gift to Ben!
Roses and Gerber favorite!
A complete surprise...a ring with Alivia's birth stone! :)
4 Years later...we look soo much older!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 Bottom Teeth!!!! I was reading my friend Jenn's blog about her little girl getting her bottom 2 teeth I thought to myself that I hadn't checked Alivia's gums for a couple days. Low and behold I went and got Alivia and both her bottom 2 teeth are in. I couldn't believe that I didn't even notice. So...I am not for sure what day they came in so I am going to say the day was today for her baby book!! She hasn't been extra fussy so that is a good sign. I was expecting to run out and get the orajel or the teething tablets. I am sure that is coming though...we will see!! Our little girl is growing up!! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Working with Daddy

Tonight mommy had to leave for bunco and daddy was still outside working in the yard so we got the babybjorn so he could keep working. I took a quick picture before I left because I thought it was soo cute. Alivia LOVES to be outside so she had fun with "da...da!"

Parents as Teachers

Tonight Parents as Teachers came for the first time. It was pretty funny when she walked in and said she thought Alivia was way younger than what she is! We told her she was just little for her age but mighty as can be. At first Alivia was in quite the shock just staring at her while laying on her back. That was the longest we had ever seen Alivia stay still. After 5 minutes or so Alivia started to warm up and crawling and pulling up everywhere. She even read a book with her on her lap for an entire book and she was soooo into the book. It amazes me how much Alivia likes books. We DO read to her every night before she goes to bed but she actually seems like she likes looking at the pictures and listening to mommy's funny voices. Hopefully she will LOVE books and reading....that is the goal!! We can't wait for our next Parents as Teachers visit.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dog Bowl.....NO!!!

This evening while we were making dinner Alivia kept going back to the dog water bowl and playing in it. We kept moving her to the opposite side of the room but she was determined to play in the water bowl. Alivia is now hearing the words "No, No!" more often. Ha! Our little crawler is on the go all of the time! Today she even had one hand on the couch and one hand on the coffee table and then took a step and put both hands on the couch...crazy! She is not afraid of anything and has already fallen many times but just keeps on going. It is sooo fun to watch her now. She is becoming our little "show off." Grandma and Grandpa say that Mommy was just like that...he, he!! :)

Come and get me...I'll show you!!!

See...I beat you Mommy and Daddy!!

I LOVE splashing myself in the face...

Great Great Aunts

Today we went to visit my mom's aunts and my great aunts, Aunt Mable and Aunt Betty, which is my grandma's (grammy) sisters. Aunt Betty lives in St.Louis and this was her first time seeing her. We had a great visit with them and Alivia hammed it up and climbed all over the place! :)

Catch me if you can!!!

I LOVE staring at new people!

Aunt Betty
Aunt Mable

Kelly Visits!!!

Friday night one of my best friends that I haven't seen in forever flew in to visit. We were sooo excited to see her! Alivia even fell asleep in Kelly's was too cute! Kelly and Mommy enjoyed some girl time and catching up. We are sooo sad that she lives so far away but are excited for her to move back to St.Louis soon!! We miss you already "Aunt Kelly!" Love you!

Don't we look alike? Everyone thought we were twins in college! :)
Kelly putting Alivia to sleep...she NEVER falls asleep in peoples arms. Kelly has the magic touch. What a natural! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Fort

Tonight Daddy and Alivia enjoyed making, playing and giggling in her first fort. It was also funny to watch the dogs jump over the fort as they were playing. Daddy was sooo proud of his fort!! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Chiefs Cheerleader!

Here are some pictures of Alivia's first Chiefs game in her cheerleader outfit. Thanks Sarah for the outfit! :) I must say she is too cute. Maybe she really will be a cheerleader like her mommy someday! Who knows?? Alivia had fun watching the first 2 quarters and then went down for her afternoon nap during the last half. She was soooo tired from playing during the first half that she went to sleep sooo fast and slept for 2 1/2 hours! GO CHIEFS! :)

Crawling Like Crazy!!!

Our little monkey is offically "on the go." She is pulling up on everything. This morning we had fun playing and I took a few pictures of everything in our house she is starting to pull up on and get into. She has now heard the word "no" from mommy and daddy. I am trying not to use the word very much because I want her to learn other words too but it is soooo hard not to. We are having fun chasing her around the house! She also has quite the personality. She likes to giggle when you tickle her thighs and when she is thrown in the air. Her giggle is hilarious. This morning I was bouncing her on my knee and she was dying laughing. It was hilarious! :)

Watching Izzey through the window

I want to go outside too!!

Climbing up in her slippery pajamas!

CRASH!!! I LOVE falling!!!

I LOVE to climb on the fireplace.

I LOVE to climb on my exersaucer!

I LOVE to climb under the coffee table and tear up my mom's magazines. This was when my mom first said, "No!" to me!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Month Weight Check

Today Alivia got to take a "vacation" to Grandma and Grandpa Stewart's house instead of going to Janet's house. Grandma and Grammy took Alivia to the doctor for a weight check. She weighed 14 lbs 4 ounces (15th percentile) and was 26 inches long. I was soooo shocked that she grew 1 1/2 inches in a month. That is the most she has every grown. I always kid about how short she is so yeh..she grew!! Today I saw a picture of me when I was 8 months old and I was practically a midget and way littlier than Alivia is now but the picture looked just like Alivia in the face. Alivia is crawling and pulling up like crazy now. She is also saying da...da...da... a lot! I am still waiting for the I will be patient. Before we know it she will be walking. Our little girl is growing up!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Today we had a great afternoon of fun with Grammy, Grandpa and Grandpa Stewart, Uncle Phillip and Ashley and Matthew. Alivia and Matthew are growing up Alivia is 7 months and Matthew is 5 1/2 months now. We were excited to take their first pictures together sitting up. They look so..big!! Also, Uncle Phillip was in town from college but he is going back to school today so Alivia enjoyed spending time with him because she LOVES her uncle so..much! We hope he comes back soon to visit. Happy Labor Day everyone!

Look how wet Alivia's shirt is...teething much? Ha!

I LOVE my jumper!

I LOVE my Uncle Phillip! He is cool!

Matthew says, "Hi there Alivia!"

Alivia says, "Hi there Matthew!"

SMILE!!!! Happy babies! :)

Sitting up...we are SO...BIG! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy 7 Month Birthday!

Today is Alivia's 7 Month Birthday. We started out the morning at church. She did pretty good but since she was giggling and making funny noises like da...da...da..da...Ben took her out. She was pretty funny but it isn't too funny during a prayer...he, he! In the afternoon we had a great time with our good friends at a bbq. Alivia got to see her friends and everyone is growing up!! We also took a picture with the mommy's and daddy's since we usually don't do that! What a great 7 Month Birthday for Alivia!! She is a blessing to us everyday!
All of the mommy's and Aven-2 Months, Makena- 4 1/2 Months, Claire- 4 1/2 Months, Alivia- 7 Months

Alivia's first hot dog...he, he!! She LOVED sucking on it! :)
All the proud daddy's!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bye Bye Jack! :(

This morning I went in Alivia's room and Daisey (our 4 yr old beagle) had gotten Alivia's bunny (daddy named it Jack) out of her bed and was chewing it's head to shreds. You would think that by 4 years old a dog would NOT be chewing anymore but not our dog. Ha! Alivia LOVES Jack so..much so I was just glad that she wasn't a toddler at this point because if so I am sure we would have had a big fit thrown. Alivia is using another bunny until we can find a new one! Sad!:(

First MU Game!

Today was Alivia's first time wearing and watching the MU Tigers....GO Mizzou! We met Chad and Kristin, her god parents, at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. Grandpa and Grandma Richeson picked her up and spent a few hours at their house playing and having fun while mommy and daddy spent some time with Chad and Kristin during the rest of the game. We had a great day today!! :)

I LOVE Chad and Kristin

Mommy and I match!
My two favorite boys! :)