Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alivia's 1 Year Pictures

Click on the link below! ENJOY! :)

Making Progress tonight I put half a cup of warm whole milk in Alivia's cup and she drank it in 25 minutes...YEH!! Hopefully the stubborness is wearing off! Janet, hopefully she does good for you tomorrow at your house!! She was so cute walking around with her sippy cup tonight. She looked so big! :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We have been on strictly whole milk for a couple weeks now in her bottle so this week we have been "trying" to ween her off of the bottle. As you can see from the pictures she is NOT excited about parting from her bottle at all. She is being quite stubborn. Mommy and Daddy get so stuck on what to do because we want her to drink her milk but we also want her to drink from a sippy and not a bottle now since she is almost 1 year old. Since she is little she definitely needs the milk. What to do? What to do? I am sure she will get better but right now we have a stubborn little girl on our hands. I am anxious to hear what the doctor says at her 1 year check-up if we are still having trouble with it. I can't believe Alivia will be 1 year old a week from this Saturday. The day Alivia was born it was 65 degrees and sunny last year. Can you believe it? Boy, how time flies!!

Why do you have this dumb milk in a sippy cup??

Alivia always goes to bed between 7:15-7:30. Tonight we gave her the sippy cup early so she could take her time and drink it. Well it kind of worked but not really. I even tried to hold her and feed her but she did better walking around drinking on her own.

Why are you making me drink this?

I didn't put very much milk in her cup because I didn't want to waste it. There was only double this amount in her cup when she started at 6:45. This was what was left at 7:45, an hour later. Stubborn, huh? We are trying to be patient and keep the bottle in the cabinet! Ha!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Girl

Alivia is growing up every day. :( Here are a few of her new favorite things!

Eating chocolate ice cream with da, da on the couch!! Bad habit, I know!

So...big in her booster seat!!

Trying to feed Daisey but she knows she isn't supposed to!

LOVES grilled cheese and cheddar crunchies! Look at her crossed legs, ha!

LOVES the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song. Da, da puts it on the laptop sometimes in the morning for her. Da, da likes to dance too!! He, he!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Future Basketball Player? I just had to title this entry "future basketball player." I know you are all thinking there is no way she will play basketball since she is so short AND be a dancer but maybe she will be like her mommy and do both?? What is funny about her being short is that the other day my mom got out my height chart that I kept in my room when I was little and I was 24 inches at 1 year old...that is 3 inches shorter than Alivia. Can you believe it?? I am going to put that chart up in Alivia's room and compare our height every year!! I really was a shorty and still am! Short kids can play basketball, they may just be point guards! he, he!! Here is some fun Alivia was having with her bathtub basketball goal!! By the way...Daddy was having a little too much fun with it shooting 3 pointers from the hallway but Alivia thought it was fun and clapped for him everytime!!

Watching her bubble maker and picking up the ball

Bringing the ball up....

and up...(still watching the bubbles and not the goal)

and slam dunk!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Little Walking Ballerina

Don't make fun of the annoying mommy voice saying "Good Girl!" over and over again! HA!

My Little Ballerina

Today I decided to get out Alivia's tutu and matching bow that she got from a friend before she was even born. I had been waiting to put it on her because it was too big but now it fits perfect around the waist. I thought I would have her play in it for a while today since she is going to wear it for her 1 year pictures next Saturday. We are taking her 1 year pictures a couple weeks early since that was the only open time. We can't wait! She LOVED playing in her tutu today. Hopefully she will be a ballerina like her mommy!! :)


Playing with Izzey

Wouldn't sit still for a picture!

PRECIOUS Ballerina!!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Rotisserie Chicken and Spaghetti

On Tuesday night grandpa and grandma Stewart came over because Ben had night class. They brought Alivia rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes and boy did she LOVE it. On Thursday night she had spaghetti and LOVED that too! Here are some funny eating pics!! She can walk across the room all by herself now...she is still a littly wabbly but it is so funny to watch. We are also in the process of weening her off of the bottle so we are tackling formula or whole milk or half formula and half whole milk in her sippy cup once a day but she HATES it!! She will drink anything else in her sippy cup but no milk for her. Of course, I am sure she will get it eventually but right now she isn't having it. We just thought we would start early before her 1st birthday so her transition would be easier. We will see how it goes!!

Her first bite of chicken...not too sure!

Mmmm...I LOVE it on the second bite!

Feed me more!
First bite of spaghetti!
I LOVE this stuff. Notice there is a lot of spaghetti in front of her. She ate every bit of it. This was probably the most she had ever eaten!!! YEH!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Parents as Teachers Visit

Tonight Staci came, our parents as teachers lady. She is so wonderful with Alivia and we really enjoy learning great things from her. Alivia was once again a little show off. We were so proud when Alivia put the circle shape in the circle hole!! She also walked for Staci and was in such a great mood the entire time she was working with her. She stayed for a little over an hour so I was so surprised that Alivia stayed focused that long but she did! I think the new toys and cool gadgets she had kept her engaged!! We are very blessed that Alivia is doing so well with her development. Staci left us a cute book stapled with zip lock baggies and she said I could put pictures inside of picture words that she is trying to learn. I have done this with pictures of family members but not of words yet. Alivia's favorite book is First 100 Words but I think if we just had 1 picture on each page it would be easier for her to learn them. From 11-12 Months Alivia is supposed to know 12 words and she did great on that. I was so surprised that Staci told us that the goal is for her to know 30-50 words by 15 months. WOW...that seems like a lot but once I wrote the words down she knew a lot more than I thought she did. Of course, these are just receptive not expressive! We had a great visit with Staci! She will be back in 6 weeks! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 11 Month Birthday!

WOW...we cannot believe that Alivia will be 1 year old in 4 weeks. I remember this time last year everyone told me how fast the time goes and they were soo right! Our little munchkin had a weight check last week and was 16 lbs 8 oz. and almost 27 inches long. She grew...YEH! She is in the 5th percentile for height and weight. Our little girl is a petite little thing but is fast and mighty for sure! Here are a few of the many things we LOVE about Alivia:
1. Crawls as fast as she can and turns back and smiles and then goes for the dog bowl
2. Waves bye bye with her hand backwards
3. Says da da AND ma ma now!! She mainly just says ma ma when she is upset and da da all of the time.
4. LOVES cheddar lil crunchies and would eat them all day if we let her!
5. Ornery and curious faces are to die for- she is such a little explorer
6. Claps her hands when she excited about something
7. Pulls everything out of the cabinets
8. Is still not a big eater but LOVES banana oatmeal , pears, grilled cheese or anything cheese and SNACKS!
9. Doesn't even sit still long enough to eat sometimes. She can't wait to get out of her high chair.
10. LOVES reading books before bed time. She is doing such a good job at turning the pages now.
11. LOVES bathtime- I never thought I would write this because I remember looking back when she was a few months old and she hated baths. People kept telling me she would grow out of it and she did! :)
12. Chugs her sippy cup like it is a is pretty funny to watch her. She puts it way above her head! We hope she is going to do it like that with milk because she has been pretty stubborn lately to drink milk from her sippy cup. We are in the transition phase before her 1st birthday.
13. Is a great independent player- she LOVES to play on her own as long as she can do what she wants. Watch out because if you take her away from something she wanted to get into you will have a little fit before your eyes. It is actually pretty funny right now but I am sure they wont be funny for long!
14. Pushes her tongue in and out really fast and makes a funny noise. She thinks it is really funny!
15. Grunts and growls back to people. :)
16. Stands up in her highchair if she is not strapped in.
17. Throws her sippy cup or bottle on the ground over and over again to play a game!! I could go on and on but I will stop there! We are truly blessed everyday to have Alivia as our daughter!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Girl Bath!

Tonight Alivia had a blast in the bath tub. She really seemed like a big girl playing! Here are a few cute pics I got! :)

I LOVE bubbles on my head!

Bath time reading!

Ducks say quack, quack...(trying to say that)

Playing peek-a-boo with Mommy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Letter Fun

Alivia got a set of magentic letters that sing and say the letter sounds. I LOVE IT!! Well Ben and I never thought we would have a single thing on our refrigerator but we broke down and put the letters on the refrigerator. At first Daddy wasn't too thrilled with the idea because he likes his refrigerator clean but once he saw that Alivia was having so much fun he was better with the idea.

Dancing to the letter song!

Looking at her name...since there is only 1 i and 1 v we just spelled Ali for now. Mommy is going to have to get 2 sets of the alphabet because we ran into this problem with the bathtub letters too!! We definitely want her to spell her whole name but at least we have some time!! Ha! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Gate

Well for some time now we have been trying to find a solution to our gate problem. Our first stair is not even with the wall so we were having trouble assembling a straight across gate. We then found a octagon shaped gate that we thought we could make work but they have been sold out of them. We got lucky and target had 1 left on sale so we got it. Here is the final product! Ben worked really hard on this! Good job Daddy!! :)

Daddy, let me out!!

Daisey and Izzey are wondering what is going on!

Trying to get Mommy on the other side!

All done!