Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We have been on strictly whole milk for a couple weeks now in her bottle so this week we have been "trying" to ween her off of the bottle. As you can see from the pictures she is NOT excited about parting from her bottle at all. She is being quite stubborn. Mommy and Daddy get so stuck on what to do because we want her to drink her milk but we also want her to drink from a sippy and not a bottle now since she is almost 1 year old. Since she is little she definitely needs the milk. What to do? What to do? I am sure she will get better but right now we have a stubborn little girl on our hands. I am anxious to hear what the doctor says at her 1 year check-up if we are still having trouble with it. I can't believe Alivia will be 1 year old a week from this Saturday. The day Alivia was born it was 65 degrees and sunny last year. Can you believe it? Boy, how time flies!!

Why do you have this dumb milk in a sippy cup??

Alivia always goes to bed between 7:15-7:30. Tonight we gave her the sippy cup early so she could take her time and drink it. Well it kind of worked but not really. I even tried to hold her and feed her but she did better walking around drinking on her own.

Why are you making me drink this?

I didn't put very much milk in her cup because I didn't want to waste it. There was only double this amount in her cup when she started at 6:45. This was what was left at 7:45, an hour later. Stubborn, huh? We are trying to be patient and keep the bottle in the cabinet! Ha!


  1. no worries!!! carly JUST started drinking milk and if I had it my way she wouldn't drink any at all!! : )

  2. Just remember...when she is ready she will let you know. Just keep trying and she'll take to it soon.