Thursday, January 21, 2010

Future Basketball Player? I just had to title this entry "future basketball player." I know you are all thinking there is no way she will play basketball since she is so short AND be a dancer but maybe she will be like her mommy and do both?? What is funny about her being short is that the other day my mom got out my height chart that I kept in my room when I was little and I was 24 inches at 1 year old...that is 3 inches shorter than Alivia. Can you believe it?? I am going to put that chart up in Alivia's room and compare our height every year!! I really was a shorty and still am! Short kids can play basketball, they may just be point guards! he, he!! Here is some fun Alivia was having with her bathtub basketball goal!! By the way...Daddy was having a little too much fun with it shooting 3 pointers from the hallway but Alivia thought it was fun and clapped for him everytime!!

Watching her bubble maker and picking up the ball

Bringing the ball up....

and up...(still watching the bubbles and not the goal)

and slam dunk!!!


  1. Love it! I love when the daddy's end up playing with the toys.