Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Girl Swing!

This past week Alivia has been really interested in using a regular swing. Of course, we have to stay right behind her in case she lets go but it is so cute to hear her say, "Weee...weee....!" the entire time she is swinging. Today we practiced moving her legs back and forth and she would say, "back, for (forth), back, for (forth)." What a big girl!! :)

So proud that she can swing by herself!

Practicing her legs by herself!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

Today 5 Years ago I married my best friend. I felt like it was just yesterday Ben and I were in college and going to date parties for our fraternity and sorority. A lot has changed in the last 5 years but the most joyous change has been our precious baby girl, Alivia. I wouldn't change my life at all. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive husband. I can't wait to spend many more together. I love you so much Ben!! :)
Just Married!
Happily Ever After!
Our Rehearsal Dinner 5 Years ago. Look how young we look!!

Helping Daddy open his presents!

Daddy got Chiefs tickets!

My beautiful flowers Ben sent to my school. He also got me a few other really nice gifts! He is such a creative gift giver.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mowing with Daddy!

Here are a few pics of what our nights consist of when we get home! Alivia is obsessed with coloring these days and has to put all the crayons correctly back in the box. lol! She also just decided last night that she liked mowing with Daddy! It was too cute! I really treasure these fun
nights together!

Popsicle Break Time!

Mmm...this is good!! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our little Carrie Underwood dancer!

For some time now I have wanted to get a video of Alivia dancing to Carrie Underwood. As all of you know, I really like Carrie and Alivia does too! lol! Here is a little glimpse of our little dancer. She actually was eating ice cream with me and then decided to jump down with her spoon and start dancing so that is why you see the spoon in the video. It was too funny!


Today Alivia got to move up to the angel room at church. She is growing up way too fast! She was quite clingy this morning so I wasn't sure how she would do but she did great! There were only 3 kids in there today so it worked out perfect for her. We are so lucky to be at a church we love so much. :)

Not too sure at first....

On our way out the doors....strolling away!

We always go to Wal-Mart for groceries after church and if Alivia is a good girl she gets to ride Mickey. Today was a success and she got to ride Mickey twice. She LOVES it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best Saturday Ever!

Today we had a family day at Fall Fun Fest. For me, Fall Fun Fest brings back so many great memories. It seems like just yesterday I was dancing in the parade with my hands taped with duck tape flipping down 7 hi-way! ha, ha!!! Maybe that will be Alivia someday??? We had a great time today and the petting zoo was a blast! Our afternoon was great too. Before nap time Alivia went into the bathroom and said "potty!!" and started taking her pants down. So....I quickly took her diaper off and sat her on the toilet. I was completely shocked when she actually peed!! I was so happy I almost cried. This is not something we had been working on at all. She knows the words potty and etc...but wanted her to decide when the time was right for her. Of course, I was jumping up and down like a complete dork and we ran into the kitchen to tell Ben. It was such a great moment. Whether or not this was just a one time thing for now or not it was pretty exciting. I guess I will go buy a potty chair now just in case she really is ready! Also, I am not a nap person at all and actually I can't remember the last time I took a nap but this afternoon I decided to treat myself to a nap and do homework tomorrow since Ben was doing homework today. Alivia and I both slept for 3 1/2 hours! It felt great! To top that off I woke up to Ben fixing a steak dinner! What a great day! Enjoy the pics!

Carnival rides are so fast! I seriously almost puked on this one!

Carousel time with Daddy! Yet, another fast carousel!

LOVES walking around on Daddy's shoulders!

Our first stop at the petting zoo. It was so awesome!

This adorable pig came oinking at Alivia! It was too funny!

Monkey...Alivia's favorite animal!

Feeding the goats

Alivia said, "baa...baa..."

Llama time!

She wanted to pet the turtle but that made me a little nervous.

Alivia said, "Cow, Moo!!"

Alivia played the duck pond game and won this pink pig. She had to have it watch t.v. with her!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Silly Girl

Well as we all know Alivia is quite the spoiled little girl. She has come to LOVE sonic drinks because her "papa" Stewart always buys her sonic drinks. He, he! I gave in one day and let her have her own in the back seat. She looks like such a big girl and didn't spill at all!! The video is one I took in the car a few days ago. For the last few months Alivia has been "screaming" NOT crying just thinking it is funny to scream in the back seat. I didn't get a great video but you can see the idea of the non stop loud pitch. It is usually a lot louder than this so this is just a glance! Don't mind Ben's football radio network in the background. ha! Oh how we love our baby girls fun and spunky personality! :)

YEH! Sonic Drink...she even said thank you to the sonic lady in the drive thru!

Couldn't get the straw in fast enough!

So excited!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grain Valley Days

This morning we woke up and it has been the first Saturday in a while that we haven't had something to do during the day so we were looking forward to our family day since Ben and I both had weddings to go to tonight. A few friends suggested to go to Grain Valley days. We are so glad we went because Alivia had a great time and we had fun too. It was beautiful weather for it. Now it is time for nap time for all of us! Enjoy the pics!

Stroller time! Alivia HATES sitting in a stroller!! I was worried how this was going to go.

First stop was the carousel ride!! This was at the end and Alivia was upset that it was over. By the way...this was the fastest carousel ride ever. I got a little dizzy but Alivia LOVED it!! ha!

Having a blast in the bounce house all by herself!!!

Peek-a-boo with Mommy!

Catch me if you can!

Ben trying to get Alivia out of there after 15 minutes!

Refusing to get out!! I eventually had to climb in and get her! lol!

Alivia's first pony ride!!! I was surprised she let the worker walk her around instead of us!

Smiling with Daddy!

Nacho time! Longest trip in a stroller!!!! Not one single fit!! YEH!!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Brunch at Grammy's House

Today we had brunch at Grammy's house with Grandpa and Grandma Stewart and Uncle Phillip. Alivia loved spending time with them and especially loved seeing Uncle Phillip one more time before he went back to college. It was a great day spent with family!

Grammy giving Alivia a piano and singing lesson. Alivia actually sings while she is playing. It is too cute!

I LOVE playing!

Cheese with Uncle Phillip....LOVE him! Notice the bead necklace she is wearing. She made that at her babysitter, Janet's house, last week and has been dying to wear it!

Grandpa Stewart always gives me money to put in my purse! ha, ha! She also LOVES her new silver sparkle shoes! Good news...her foot is a size 3 1/2 now!!!! :)

Watch out because Alivia is pretty sassy with this purse!

Don't even think about touching her phone! Her Barbie cell phone stays in her purse!

Fun with Uncle Phillip!

Dinner with the Richeson's

Pictures Coming Soon!!! My camera card messed up so I will try uploading them at school with my camera cord! We had a great dinner Sunday night with the Richeson family!! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Uncle Phillip is Home!!!!

We are so excited that Uncle Phillip decided to come home this weekend since he didn't have baseball practice. However, on his drive home he got in a car accident and went into the median. Thank god he was ok. We are glad to have him home safe and sound. Alivia LOVES her Uncle Phillip. She went right to him when she saw him and laid her head down and hugged him for a while! It was so sweet. WE love you!!!

Uncle Phillip can you stay here forever?
Playing outside with Uncle Phillip. My mom got her this car to keep at their house a while ago. She loves singing the care bear song on it!