Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grain Valley Days

This morning we woke up and it has been the first Saturday in a while that we haven't had something to do during the day so we were looking forward to our family day since Ben and I both had weddings to go to tonight. A few friends suggested to go to Grain Valley days. We are so glad we went because Alivia had a great time and we had fun too. It was beautiful weather for it. Now it is time for nap time for all of us! Enjoy the pics!

Stroller time! Alivia HATES sitting in a stroller!! I was worried how this was going to go.

First stop was the carousel ride!! This was at the end and Alivia was upset that it was over. By the way...this was the fastest carousel ride ever. I got a little dizzy but Alivia LOVED it!! ha!

Having a blast in the bounce house all by herself!!!

Peek-a-boo with Mommy!

Catch me if you can!

Ben trying to get Alivia out of there after 15 minutes!

Refusing to get out!! I eventually had to climb in and get her! lol!

Alivia's first pony ride!!! I was surprised she let the worker walk her around instead of us!

Smiling with Daddy!

Nacho time! Longest trip in a stroller!!!! Not one single fit!! YEH!!!!!!


  1. I just want to know where the picture is of you crawling in the Bounce House to get her!
    I remember those days too well! LOL!!

  2. i wish we could have gone to this! i saw your post on sunday and then got on-line to find out the fair days were only friday and saturday. she looks like she had so much fun! we will have to go next year!