Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Silly Girl

Well as we all know Alivia is quite the spoiled little girl. She has come to LOVE sonic drinks because her "papa" Stewart always buys her sonic drinks. He, he! I gave in one day and let her have her own in the back seat. She looks like such a big girl and didn't spill at all!! The video is one I took in the car a few days ago. For the last few months Alivia has been "screaming" NOT crying just thinking it is funny to scream in the back seat. I didn't get a great video but you can see the idea of the non stop loud pitch. It is usually a lot louder than this so this is just a glance! Don't mind Ben's football radio network in the background. ha! Oh how we love our baby girls fun and spunky personality! :)

YEH! Sonic Drink...she even said thank you to the sonic lady in the drive thru!

Couldn't get the straw in fast enough!

So excited!

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  1. You should be here when Ava, Lauren and Alivia are all screaming! When I used to watch school aged kids, I always told screaming unless someone is bleeding! The younger kids don't get the message and it gets really, really loud here!
    She is a Cutie Patootie!!