Monday, March 28, 2011

Cherished Moments...

Tonight is a night where I tried to forget about homework and just sit back and cherish the moments right in front of me. I know I have said this a lot in the past few blogs but Ben and I both have had some guilt recently about balancing family time with everything we have going on at school. It really hit me when I looked over at my independent little girl (not always independent, lol) who was drawing/coloring pictures, saying her colors and abc's, counting and pretending to write her name, ALL without direction. I say this not because I am impressed, although, she shocks me with her knowledge all of the time. Rather, I say this because I know she will be grown up before we know it. Tonight I am cherishing this moment! We are so thankful for her each and every day! We love you Alivia..... She loves saying the green leaf in the very hungry caterpillar. These are coloring pages from the story. This is her absolute favorite story and even has it memorized. I hope to get it on video soon! Spelling her name as she draws lines! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mowing in the Snow...

So all of you know how obsessed Ben is with his lawn but today was too funny when he decided to mow while it was snowing. We are definitely boycotting the snow in the Richeson house! He just got a new blade on his mower so he just had to try it out. Oh how I LOVE my husband! :)

Saturday Family Field Trip

Today we were so excited to finally have a day where just the 3 of us could be together! It has been a pretty stressful month for us with both of us being in school and also balancing our jobs, family and friends. We were really looking forward to this morning so we could take a break from homework. We were going to go to Little Monkey Bizness in Kansas but their hours are from 9:00-12:00 and we didn't leave so enough for that. So, we decided to go to Bass Pro and to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I had heard Chick-Fil-A had a great little area for 3 and under so we thought we would check it out. Alivia LOVED it! We had such a great morning together. I hope we have many more of these to come. Ben graduates with his MBA in 8 weeks so we are both looking forward to that! A little over a year left for me and then I will be done. It can come soon enough. Although, I do LOVE the program I am in and it will definitely be worth it in the end. It is just hard to spend time away from Alivia and Ben to do homework. I just keep telling myself I can do anything for one more year! Enjoy the pics!

Seeing the fish...

She said, "BIG FISH!"

Looking at the ducks with Daddy!


My little angel...

Chick-Fil-A play area......


Lion noises! I didn't get a picture of her climbing and going down the slide but she LOVED that too!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunny Pointe Bowling Night

Tonight my teacher friends had a bowling night at Lunar Bowl. It is so great because a few of the teachers have kids the same age as Alivia so I brought her along with me. She had a great time playing with Brielle and Ava! She even had nachos AND a soft pretzel while Mommy tried to bowl. It was such a fun time! Sorry the pictures are blurry. I took them with my phone. :) Getting them all to look was quite the challenge! TOO CUTE!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Popsicles...

We celebrated the 2nd day of Spring by playing outside from 5:30-8:00. Alivia just LOVES to play outside. We are going to have to cut the time outside to 7:00 so she can be in bed by 8:00 so we will work on that!! She used to go to bed at 7:15 but I am not expecting that anymore. 8:00 will do! We are so thankful to have such a wonderful neighorhood where Alivia can play with kids all over the place. She just can't wait to play with the kids across the street and yells their names from our driveway. It is too cute!

Her first popsicle this Spring....She loves these popsicles. They are called slow melts and they are little and perfect for her!


Pretending to mow with Daddy!

Raking leaves...

She was so proud of herself...she was riding all by herself!! What a big girl!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Riley's Baptism

We had such a fun filled weekend celebrating my birthday, Matthew's birthday, our good friend's wedding shower and Rileys baptism was today. Here is a picture of Riley in the middle with her big brother Matthew and their cousins!! So cute. We love you Riley!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Matthew

Today was Matthew's birthday party in the morning. He turned 2! The kids are growing up so fast. I was taking pictures with Ashley's camera so I didn't get any of the birthday boy so I will have to post some later. Here is a pic of the kiddos waiting to open presents! It was such a fun day. Happy Birthday Matthew. We love you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mommy's Birthday

Tonight my mom and dad made me my all time favorite dinner.....boneless fried chicken and mashed potatoes! Oh, I LOVE it!! This is a yearly tradition on my birthday. My Grandma also made me my favorite red velvet cake. It was such a wonderful night with my family. I am such a lucky girl. I love you all very much. It feels great to be 28 but only 2 more years until 30!! :)


Getting ready to blow!


So excited that we blew out all 28 candles!

Ben and Alivia got me clothes from Charming Charlies! Ben is so good at shopping!

My mom and Dad got me a Coach wallet to match my purse (my mom always thinks it is creative to put however old I am in money in my present) and Grammy and Uncle Phillip got me money too!

My mom surprised Alivia and I with her new backpack and lunch box from Pottery Barn!

She is starting school in the Fall. I can't beleive it!
Yes, I was crying as I opened up her backpack!! I am going to be a mess taking her to school on the first day!

Off to school Mommy!

My new iphone from Ben and Alivia. I LOVE IT!

Crown Center Fun

Today Alivia and I went to Crown Center with Allison and Libby and their kiddos. We had such a great time with them and Alivia acted like such a big girl with Ava and Karsen! Thanks girls for a wonderful time. LOVE YA! I just wish today wasn't the last day of Spring break...:(

Walking holding hands with Karsen and Ava

Waiting in line at the Under the Sea was so crowded!

Inside the exhibit...Luke LOVED it too!

Cheese....riding the dolphin!

So cute!

Having a blast....



Alivia...Karsen had to hold her up into the hole since she wasn't tall mother like daughter! Lol!

Karsen reading Alivia Dr. Seuss..

Crayola store....

Drawing a picture with Ava. Alivia was so cute. She was drawing straight lines down and she said each letter of her name. I was so proud that she could spell her name. We will work on the letters as it comes! ha!

LOVING the Crayola Cafe. She sat like a big girl in the chair the entire time! Well except one time when she sat on Libby's lap for a few minutes.

The girls making a wish at the fountain

Aren't they too cute?
The end to a wonderful afternoon!! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Today Alivia stayed at my mom and dad's house while I went out with some friends for St.Patrick's Day. It has definitely been a few years since I have gone out on Paddys day and it was a great time with friends. I hope everyone had a great day as well!

Alivia and I at my parents house before I left in our GREEN!

When I came back to my parent's house Alivia was telling Papa that she had to have her Dora pillow and blanket in her recliner while she watched t.v. Of course, my dad waits on her hand and foot! High maintenance much? Notice she always has her toes and fingernails freshly painted from Grandma! Our little spoiled princess!! :)