Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bemis 2 in 1

Ok, I know this may be funny but I had to share this with you all since I had never seen something like this before. Last week our dryer broke so we called a maintenance company to come and fix it. After the guy was finished we started talking to him and he was telling us how he has 4 kids (3 boys and a girl) and they were all potty trained at 11 months...WOW!!!! He then told us about this potty seat that is sold at Home Depot. It is called a Bemis 2 in 1. Alivia has really liked going on the regular potty instead of her potty chair so we were going to get a potty seat cover and do a stool so we thought we would try this one and then we wouldn't have to take a cover off and on. Anyway, it works great and Alivia LOVES it!!!! :)

Alivia's seat down...

Then her seat is lifts up and magnetizes to the top....

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  1. Andy will be jealous that you have this seat cover. He menitoned it to me, but since we already have the "Elmo" take of...put back on seat I told him we didn't need another one. I have to say...it does look a lot better than he had described it. Pretty fancy! :)