Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 1 with No Paci!

Well today was the day I have been dreading. Alivia has had her pacifier just in her bed since she was 6 months. She does such a great job at leaving it in her bed and she knows she can't ever take it out. However, the time has come to take it away completely. Alivia is such an awesome sleeper. She usually sleeps 7:00-7:00 every day and takes 2-3 hour naps so I have been really anxious to take her paci away since I am not sure if the paci is what is making her sleep so well. So today before her afternoon nap I cut off the end to one of her pacifiers and told her the paci fairy left her a prize on her bed. She didn't seem to mind too well and even gave her baby doll the paci. Well she didn't mind until it was time to actually lay down. She screamed for 30 minutes at her door but eventually did go back to her bed and fall asleep. She only slept for 1 hour and 30 minutes but I will take it! The entire time she was screaming it definitely took me back down memory lane when we were doing the "cry it out" method at 3 months. That was not a favorite memory for Mommy because I hated hearing her scream but it worked and since then she has always been a great sleeper and has always puts herself to sleep. Well, I am hoping this method is going to work again for the paci. We will see how tonight goes...cross your fingers for us!! Hopefully we don't have to "cry it out" our entire Spring break! :(

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