Friday, March 18, 2011

Crown Center Fun

Today Alivia and I went to Crown Center with Allison and Libby and their kiddos. We had such a great time with them and Alivia acted like such a big girl with Ava and Karsen! Thanks girls for a wonderful time. LOVE YA! I just wish today wasn't the last day of Spring break...:(

Walking holding hands with Karsen and Ava

Waiting in line at the Under the Sea was so crowded!

Inside the exhibit...Luke LOVED it too!

Cheese....riding the dolphin!

So cute!

Having a blast....



Alivia...Karsen had to hold her up into the hole since she wasn't tall mother like daughter! Lol!

Karsen reading Alivia Dr. Seuss..

Crayola store....

Drawing a picture with Ava. Alivia was so cute. She was drawing straight lines down and she said each letter of her name. I was so proud that she could spell her name. We will work on the letters as it comes! ha!

LOVING the Crayola Cafe. She sat like a big girl in the chair the entire time! Well except one time when she sat on Libby's lap for a few minutes.

The girls making a wish at the fountain

Aren't they too cute?
The end to a wonderful afternoon!! :)

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