Friday, October 30, 2009

More Fun on Mommy's Day Off

Ok...I know I already posted today but Alivia is really investigating her environment today so I just had to share. She played under our table for about 45 was too funny!! She kept walking back and forth and back and forth under the table. She then found herself in the oven and thought it was hilarious. Our little girl is definitely on the go and active as can be!!

I found myself in the oven...can you see my reflection?

Crawling under the table before I figured out I could pull myself up and walk from chair to chair

Catch me if you can!

I LOVE this!
Mommy...this is soooo fun!! :)

Home with Mommy!

This week Alivia stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Stewart and Grammy since she has been recovering from croup so she was spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! She even got fresh squeezed apple juice from the juicer because milk didn't taste good to her and she had to have fluids with her medicine...ha! While she had croup she got another tooth in on top so the poor thing was battling with that too. She now has 5 teeth...yeh!! By today Alivia has been much happier and the Alivia smiles are definitely back. It was soo hard seeing her sick like that so we are soo glad she is better. The dr. said that once a child gets croup it is very likely that she could get it again so we will be ready this time if that happens. :( We are very excited for our neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow night. Hopefully I will be able to capture some good pictures. It is really hard to get good pictures of Alivia these days because she doesn't stay still very long..ha!! We are having a great day of fun since Mommy is off today! We are looking forward to Daddy getting home from work early to play! :)

Halloween costume #2- our little strawberry-Mommy is having a little trouble finding a costume she likes....picky much??

Playing with Izzey

Being ornery while Mommy is trying to fold laundry

Crawling so fast I can't even take a picture

Alivia's new big girl toy that she can walk with...she LOVES it!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Croup!!! :(

Well Saturday night we had quite the scare. At 2:30 in the morning we heard Alivia wheezing on the monitor. I quickly rushed in there and Alivia was burning up and was wheezing really hard...almost like an asthma attack. She was really having trouble breathing! We got the thermometer out and her temperature was 99.5 but I was not convinced because she seemed much hotter than that. I then called Dr. Powell's triage line and they forwarded me to Children's Mercy. When I talked to the dr. on the phone from Children's Mercy they asked me to put the phone up to Alivia and he immediately said you need to take her to the emergency room. By this time I was quite scared. We quickly rushed to St.Mary's since it was the closest. Right when we got there they knew right away that she had croup. I had heard of this many times before but I expected coughing not shortness of breath or wheezing. They then gave her a breathing treatment which she didn't like very well and some medicine that they prescribed for us to use the next couple days. Thankfully she was sooo much better after the breathing treatment....poor baby! The dr. actually said she definitely needed a breathing treatment so we did the right thing by coming! We got home at 5:00 in the morning and she slept pretty good all day today. I was sooo surprised by that! Hopefully tonight she will do just as well because the dr. said the croup attacks usually happen at night and the first night is usually the worst! Keep your fingers crossed for a good night! We are soo glad she is ok and doing better! WE LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Dress Rehearsal and recognizing Mommy and Daddy

For the last couple weeks Alivia has really started noticing things around her room and makes noises and sounds of talking when she looks at certain things. Every time we leave her room we can't leave without stopping by this picture and pointing out Mommy, Alivia and then Daddy in the picture. I couldn't get a good picture of her face when she looks at this picture but her face lights up and she smiles and kicks and giggles....too cute!! We also played Halloween dress-up because Mommy didn't know if she liked Alivia's costume or not. We are still looking around for something we like!! We had a fun night tonight!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Independent Playing

Alivia is becoming more and more independent when playing every day. Although, she is not very independent when it comes to eating. We are working really hard on using a sippy cup on her own and holding her own bottle...stubborn little girl when it comes to eating! She DOES eat her snacks on her own though. She LOVES picking up her puffs and yogurt melts off her tray and putting them in her mouth like a big girl. We have the pack n play in the living room now since she is crawling pretty fast. At first she didn't like being trapped inside but after we added a few more stand-up toys she likes it now!! There is also a cute picture of Alivia playing with Daisey. She is starting to take the dogs chewies and we keep telling her...."no, no...doggies toys!!" The picture is of her giving Daisey her chewey back! Soooo cute!! me...I am trapped!

Walking down the new dangerous move!

My newbig girl toy!
Daisey waiting patiently for her chewey back!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well Alivia has officially learned how to shake her head no. I don't know if she actually knows what she is doing because she just does it at random times but it is pretty funny. Daddy thinks it is funny to do it back to her so of course mommy is trying to reinforce shaking my head yes back at her so she eventually won't say no too with her shaking her head...he, he!! I am sure that is just around the corner though! Our little girl is "talking" more and more every day. She continues to say da, da, (a lot) ba ba, m...m... (trying to say ma, ma I like to say), na, na and screeches really loud other beginning sounds!! She is learning how to wave and sometimes she can wave bye, bye but not always. She is also giggling like crazy. She is crawling and pulling up all over the place and standing for a few seconds by herself. She walks her way down the side of the couch. It is too funny!! Maybe before long she will be walking?? I don't think I am quite ready for that yet!! We love you Alivia! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Faulkners Pumpkin Patch

Today we had a great time at the pumpkin patch. It was a little chilly outsisde but we bundled Alivia up in her coat and hat and thought we would try it. We are soo glad we did because Alivia LOVED it and was such a good girl. We can't wait to go back next year when she can ride some of their rides and run around. Alivia got to pick out her first pumpkin, pet some cool animals, slide down a slide and ride a cow. These were all firsts for Alivia. What a great family day we had! :)

Our Family!

Alivia and I picking out pumpkins!

My first time petting a pony!

My first time riding a "cow."

Getting ready to slide down the slide with Daddy.

I am sooo BIG in the tree house!

Mommy let me slide all by myself!

Smiling by the goat ramps!

Petting a llama!

Watching the llamas!

Watching the buffalo!

Feeding the lambs!

Soooo soooo tired!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Coat

Tonight we decided to go on a family walk with everyone...even the dogs!! We were excited to get out for a walk because it has been a while since we have gone on a family walk. We bundled up Alivia and put the dogs leashes on and opened the garage and finished getting everyone ready and it started pouring. We were so disappointed but I got some cute pics of Alivia in her first coat! Thanks Shannon B. for the adorable coat!! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 8 Months Birthday!

Today is Alivia's 8 Month Birthday! WOW....time has flown by! We are so blessed with our sweet little girl. I am not sure how much she weighs right now but she is still in 3-6 months clothes although I am starting to buy 6-9 months clothes which are pretty big on her. She probably weighs around 15 lbs and I think her height is still around 26 inches. She is a petite little thing but very "on the go!" She now has 3 teeth and maybe some more coming so we are a teething machine!! Here are a few of the many things we LOVE about her. We love it when she....
1. Giggles hysterically when you tickle her on her thighs
2. Screams "da..da" in a high pitch voice
3. Crawls as fast as she can to the dog water bowl while stopping and looking back at you to see if you can catch her.
4. Laughs when you put her above your head
5. LOVES to read books- her favorite is "First 100 Words."
6. Cuddles with "Jack" her bunny at bed time
7. Plays peek a boo
8. Pats everything with her hands
9. Sleeps from 7:30-7:00 and wakes up as happy as can be!
10. Plays with blocks and knocks them over and over and over and over

Happy baby!

1 handed...I am soo ready to walk!!! YIKES!

My favorite book!

Peek a boo....pick me up mommy!

Mommy and I

Daddy and I

Monday, October 5, 2009


Alivia's bottom two teeth are in and her top teeth are now on the way too! Poor thing is very uncomfortable. We have used tylenol, orajel, teethers and tomorrow grandma Stewart is going to get us a vibrating teether and some teething tablets. I had a few friends today tell me to try wet warm or cold wash clothes too. Any other suggestions??? She has been a little crabby because of her teeth but I caught a really happy picture of her tonight helping me fold the laundry while daddy was at school. She LOVES pulling up on the lid of the cute!!


Mmmmm....Mommy, these bananas are yummy on my teeth!
My teeth hurt soooo bad!!! Look at that face....ahhh!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lake Trip

This past weekend Ben and I went to sunset beach at the lake of the ozarks and stayed at porto cima condos. We enjoyed a day of shopping at the outlet and a great day of fun at the winery. Alivia and the dogs got to stay with Grandpa and Grandma Richeson. She had a wonderful time with them. Thanks Richeson Family!!

All the guys!

All the girls!

Kristin and I

During our wine tasting!

Ben and I

The whole crew....notice Ben in the front....are any of you surprised??