Monday, January 11, 2010

Parents as Teachers Visit

Tonight Staci came, our parents as teachers lady. She is so wonderful with Alivia and we really enjoy learning great things from her. Alivia was once again a little show off. We were so proud when Alivia put the circle shape in the circle hole!! She also walked for Staci and was in such a great mood the entire time she was working with her. She stayed for a little over an hour so I was so surprised that Alivia stayed focused that long but she did! I think the new toys and cool gadgets she had kept her engaged!! We are very blessed that Alivia is doing so well with her development. Staci left us a cute book stapled with zip lock baggies and she said I could put pictures inside of picture words that she is trying to learn. I have done this with pictures of family members but not of words yet. Alivia's favorite book is First 100 Words but I think if we just had 1 picture on each page it would be easier for her to learn them. From 11-12 Months Alivia is supposed to know 12 words and she did great on that. I was so surprised that Staci told us that the goal is for her to know 30-50 words by 15 months. WOW...that seems like a lot but once I wrote the words down she knew a lot more than I thought she did. Of course, these are just receptive not expressive! We had a great visit with Staci! She will be back in 6 weeks! :)

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