Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Little Ballerina

Today I decided to get out Alivia's tutu and matching bow that she got from a friend before she was even born. I had been waiting to put it on her because it was too big but now it fits perfect around the waist. I thought I would have her play in it for a while today since she is going to wear it for her 1 year pictures next Saturday. We are taking her 1 year pictures a couple weeks early since that was the only open time. We can't wait! She LOVED playing in her tutu today. Hopefully she will be a ballerina like her mommy!! :)


Playing with Izzey

Wouldn't sit still for a picture!

PRECIOUS Ballerina!!



  1. Sooo adorable!! Where are you doing her pictures at?

  2. Moments and Memories!! Soooo excited! :)