Thursday, April 15, 2010


This morning before we left for Janet's house I snapped a few pictures of Alivia because she looked like such a big girl in her shorts. She is changing so much lately....our little tantrums are becoming more and more toddler like by the day but they usually don't last long. Alivia also had her first bite at the babysitter yesterday...YIKES!! :( What can I say, she learned that one from her Daddy...LOL, Just Kidding! Hopefully this DOES NOT become a trend at the babysitter and for Janet's sake. Does anyone have advice on how to discipline a 14 1/2 month old for biting since timeout is probably too early? Dear Janet, I am so sorry that I bit Kayla. I will try really hard not to bite. I promise! Love, Alivia :)


So big in my pumas!

Dancer pose!

What can I say, she is a natural dancer!! He, he!

Mommy, why are you taking all of these pictures of me when I am barely awake this morning?

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