Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday with Grammy

This morning Alivia and I got up and started shopping at 8:30. We went shopping at Target and Kohls. Kohls was a great deal with the tax free 15% coupon I had. It lasts through the weekend if any of you are interested! My mom and dad are out of town visiting my brother at college so Grammy is staying at there house to watch the dogs. We stopped by to say hi and then we went and ate lunch with Grammy and Great Aunt Mable at the new Olive Garden! Boy did Alivia LOVE those breadsticks! What a great day even though it was so rainy outside!

Giving her glow worm kisses! This is her "baby" at their house!

So cute! This was my rocking chair when I was a little girl! My mom keeps everything! To the left is my baby bed for Alivia whenever she stays!

Climbing in and out!

Great Aunt Mable and Grammy! (Grammy is my grandma and Alivia's great grandma for those of you who are wondering but Alivia calls her Grammy!)


  1. Love the second picture of Alivia in the rocking chair. What a sweet smile!! Precious!!!

  2. Darling little Alivia! What a Precious Gift she is to all of us. God certainly Blessed us with getting to love her. She's wearing a Pretty Cute Outfit, too! LOL!!! give her a kiss from both of us...Joe was talking about her yesterday when he was doing the laundry from downstairs. It's too funny how he misses the kids when they're not here!!
    The last dog we had would go stand at the stairs and look down them and turn her head like she was listening for the kids to come on weekends and especially holidays and vacations! Too funny! HAPPY EASTER!!! Love ya!