Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mommy, Daddy and Alivia's Pre-Easter Day

Today the Easter Bunny went on a search for Alivia's swing set! After searching at many different places we finally found one from Home Depot that would fit in our background. After measuring we figured out that the only leveled space we have would have to fit a smaller swing set so that definitley helped us make our decision on a big or a small one. I think it is perfect for Alivia at this age though! We had so much fun looking though and now know all of the places to look for when she is bigger! Happy Easter Alivia! Love, Mommy and Daddy! :)

This was at Kid Creations across from Worlds of Fun! Awesome and EXPENSIVE swing sets!

Glider swinging with mommy!!
This was before we left today. She looked like such a big girl while we were getting ready so I had to snap a few pictures!! :)

Big girl pants and shoes!



BEFORE with all of the materials boxed up!!!!

And this is what it will look like After Ben puts it all together! We are also going to add a baby and glider swing to it and maybe a picnic table or sand and water table! Wish us luck on the assembling!!


  1. John loves his swing set. We spend many hours on it. Alivia is looking so big!

  2. She looks like such a big girl! I love the big girl clothes and shoes!!! ADORABLE!

  3. Hi Alivia! I can't wait to come play on your new swing set. Let me know when your daddy has it all put together:) Your BFF, Makena