Sunday, April 11, 2010

Claire's First Birthday

Today was Alivia's very good friend, Claire's First Birthday. Mommy went to college with Claire's mommy and were in the same sorority. It is so fun having our girls the same age. We had so much fun playing with Makena today too. Mommy also went to college with Makena's mommy. Makena's First birthday is next weekend. We can't wait for another party!! YEH!! :)


Alivia walking around!

Pretty Birthday GIRL!

Kisses from Makena!

Hugs from Alivia!

All of the girls in the wagon!

Birthday girl opening presents!

Sand and water table! I was glad to see Alivia liked this since we are getting one for under her swing set. By the way...the swing set is still in the works. Daddy is in the process of mulching in the back yard and then he is putting the swing set together in the garage. Quite a process!

All of us with our girls!

Can you tell they LOVE each other...SMOOCH!! Ha!

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  1. It's so great that she already has girlfriends! Poor Carly is usually surrounded by boys! : )