Friday, August 6, 2010

Mommy's Little Girl!

This past week Alivia has been up at school with me a lot helping me get ready for curriculum and open house night next week. She has actually been pretty good while we have been at school. Of course, I can get a lot more done when she isn't there but since I teach kindergarten there is a lot for her to play with in my room. I am very, very sad to leave Alivia this summer but looking forward to getting back into a routine. It will definitely be a lot harder to leave her this summer because she has become Mommy's Little Girl! I AM also looking forward to meeting all my new little kiddos! I LOVE seeing their excited little faces on meet the teacher night!! Alivia, thanks for being patient with me this week and helping out. Mommy LOVES you and I will miss you very much when you start back at Janet's house on Monday but so grateful you are in precious hands!!

Doesn't she look so big in this pic? She was helping me file papers...he, he!

LOVED these erasers that were in my kiddos welcome bags!

Playdough fun!

Number practice!

Daddy come up to help too and drew a flower for me to show the kids!

First time with Markers!!

Having fun with the markers...can you tell? It is all over her face, legs, and every body part!

She is in the pink chair watching baby einstein! LOVES my big screen!

LOVED playing with the big Clifford!

"Mommy, I like it here at school. The movies are cool on your screen! I think I am ready for Kindergarten.....PLEASE can I come with you??"

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