Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Work :(

Well I am officially back at work this week. I met all of my kids and I am excited for a great school year. My little kindergartners were so adorable. However, I am really sad to leave Alivia but I know it will be good for her to get back into a routine. Here are a few pics of the last couple days. Ryan and Lauren came to visit us on Sunday. They are our good friends from college! I am super excited for Ryan because he just got his first principal job in Blue Springs...YEAH!! We are so happy for him. Alivia had a lot of fun playing with them today. The other pics are of Alivia's new obsession with the snack cabinet and apples! Enjoy!

Ryan and Lauren enjoying some fruit snacks with Alivia

LOVES eating an apple by herself.....she had this apple forever!

Can't get enough of hot dogs!! She is constantly saying hot dog!

She thinks she can eat snacks whenever she wants!

Trying to steal the crackers....look at that face!! he, he!

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  1. Hi Alivia,
    I just looked at your pictures with my mommy! I like the picture of you eating the apple. I love you!! Let's play soon. :)