Monday, August 2, 2010

First American Girl Doll

This past weekend I went to Chicago for a girls trip. While I was there I got Alivia her first American Doll. I got the toddler bitty baby so they don't make blonde hair and brown eyes until the bigger dolls so this doll doesn't look quite like Alivia but she is pretty cute. She absolutely LOVES it and thinks it is a real baby. She even said, "no, no" to her. It was pretty funny. Here are a few pics of her first morning playing with her.

She immediately put her in her rocking chair that we read books in.

Too cute..

Rocking her!

Carrying her...

and carrying her like a big girl!

Taking her baby for a spin!

Kisses for baby...

Stil cruising around!

This is when she told her baby doll "no, no" because she fell out of the car...oops!

Before bath time tonight she went and got her blanket and her baby doll that she sleeps with and put it on her baby doll. It was too cute.

Good night kisses!

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