Sunday, March 28, 2010

Matthew's First Birthday

Today was Matthew's First Birthday. Matthew is practically family to us. Ashley is my very dear friend and our parents are best friends. We have had so much watching our kids grow up together. His party was a blast. Happy Birthday Matthew! :) By the way..I am sorry I uploaded the pictures out of order. This first picture was actually the last picture of the night! Ooops! I took a ton of pictures. ENJOY! :)

Alivia, Matthew and Ellie getting ready for pajama time!

Alivia and Ellie smiling! Ellie will be 1 next week!


Hugging the birthday boy!

Alivia and Matthew

Matthew in his new chair and umbrella! Alivia has the same one in pink!

Alivia and Alex reading!

Alex LOVES Alivia. It is too cute watching them!

Cupcake fun!

He didn't know about this icing stuff!

So happy!


Alivia being shy for the first time!

Charlie and Alex

Puppy Chow- it was a dog theme!

So cute cake!

Stephanie (Ashley's sister-in-law and my good friend)
Alivia and Grandpa Stewart- she had just woken up from a nap!

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  1. How fun are those pictures! LOVE the one of Alivia and Ellie both looking at the camera and the one of Alex hugging Alivia! Too cute!