Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mommy's Birthday with Family

Today we met Grandpa and Grandma Richeson at Steak and Shake for lunch! Boy was it yummy and Alivia LOVED it and was such a good girl. Thanks for the great birthday lunch! :) We then went and played at their house for a little bit. Alivia just played and played and played. After Alivia's afternoon nap we went to Grandpa and Grandpa Stewart's house. My mom and dad made me my favorite meal, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. It was so so good! We then had my favorite red velvet cake for dessert! Thanks everyone for all the wonderful birthday gifts! It was a fabulous day! Love you!

So fun at Grandpa and Grandma Richesons

Happy Birthday Mommy!

At her very own table and chairs at Grandma and Grandpa Stewarts House

Opening presents with Mommy. This was a pedicure from Uncle Phillip. YEH!

Having fun!

Photo Coasters!! I LOVE these! :)

Hanging Book Shelf for the playroom or Alivia's room! Thanks Grammy! :)

My mom and dad got me another photo of Alivia's 1 year pictures and framed it! I LOVE this picture!

Blowing out candles with Mommy!

The new book shelf with books in it! LOVE this! :)

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    Love the white Pottery Barn book shelf. Andy said he would make me one that looked just like that. Maybe he can come over and look at yours. :)