Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 3 Playroom

Well Ben definitely gets husband and daddy of the year award because he stayed up until midnight last night finishing the painting in the room. This morning he took down all of the tape and we were so relieved that we LOVED the color! I really felt like a little kid when I got home because I was so excited to organize the toys and decorate. I usually don't get excited about home decor stuff but since I kind of felt like I was working in my classroom the teacher in me is coming out in this playroom! Ben worked very diligently on the tree (he is a perfectionist so it took him an hour and a half to put this up) and I am so pleased with it! We have a few other decor, shelves, curtains and get but we have made a lot of progress! YEH! :)

Ben put leaves on top of the cabinet so it looked like the leaves were falling. The ball can that Alivia's boyfriend, Matthew, made for us matches perfectly! We haven't put the back on the shelf yet but Ben definitely thinks we need to put it on so the cord doesn't show (perfectionist again)....LOVE IT! :)

Back wall

The other side of the room. This is where Ben is now envisioning another white cabinet and a t.v. hung on the wall so Alivia can watch Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse Clubouse....he, he! I am really liking the idea but we will see if that really happens! I mean is that really practical?? Also, I bought blue, green and white circle dots to put on this wall but we didn't think it would tie in very well with the tree on the other side wall. What do you think? Can you tell I need all the decorating advice I can get?? :)

Front view

View from the hallway


  1. It turned out great!!! Alivia's a lucky girl:) Makena wants to come play.

  2. Oh....and I love the leaves on top of the shelves!!! That husband of yours is one creative guy:)

  3. Love the room!! :) Play rooms are sooo much fun! Morgan want's to come over and help make it messy!!