Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Well unfortunately I came down with the stomach flu pretty bad all through the night so I wasn't feeling very well on Christmas morning. I have always been that kid that woke my parents up super early in the morning and I am still like a kid on Christmas morning so I was pretty upset that I was so sick. It was a real bummer but we still opened up presents anyway and I faught through the sickness. Alivia had a ton of fun opening her presents from santa at our house. Since I wasn't feeling well Grandpa and Grandma Stewart brought over some 7up and pepto and a present from santa for Alivia since we didn't know if we would make it over to their house or not. Thanks mom and dad for the 7 up and pepto!! I didn't get very many pictures from the morning at our house but here are a few.

Opening up her stocking at our house!

This drum and piano are cool!

My new cool phone!

I LOVE the wrapping paper and I am sooo big that I can stand by myself. Oh and I took 6 steps this morning!!

My new activity center from Grandma and Grandpa Stewart's house. Santa brought it there!

I LOVE my new blocks. The things inside are so cool!

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