Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have really been missing blogging lately but I have been bogged down with my research class and have been pretty sick. My dr. gave me zofran to help with the sickness and it has helped a bit. I am hoping since I am almost 13 weeks that the sickness is going to be over soon. It is definitely all worth it though. I wasn't even nauseous with Alivia so with this pregnancy being a lot different I am definitely calling boy!! ha! I have also been having really weird dreams this time. I have had numerous dreams that I am having twin boys. It is pretty crazy how real the dreams seem. Our sonogram is scheduled the first week of January so I guess we will have to wait until then. We will see!! Crossing my fingers for feeling good soon! Also, yesterday was my last research class and I have a break until January with no classes! YIPEE! I am really looking forward to the relaxation and time with family and friends. :)

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