Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Chicks

This week I brought home the baby chicks I was hatching in my classroom so Alivia could see them. She was so excited for me to bring them home. On the way home one of the other chicks was pecking at the brown chick and knocked him in the water. When I got home he was completely drenched in water laying on his back and wasn't moving at all. He was barely even breathing. Of course, I was freaking out that this chick wasn't going to make it. I ran inside and got Ben because I knew he would love helping because he is such an animal lover. He immediately picked him up and started blowing air on him. His eyes were still not opened and he wasn't moving. It was like he was in cardiac arrest, not kidding. Anyway, he kept blowing air into his beak and then brought him inside and blow dried him to keep him warm. He then let him lay on his bare chest for most of the night to keep him warm. It was so neat to see this little guy come back to life. He eventually started walking and chirping and doing great. The next morning we were so glad to see that he was doing better. He definitely had a beat up beak but was doing great!! Ben is officially a "chick whisperer!" ha!!! Definitely a good story to tell....

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