Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

At Alivia's preschool today they had a Mother's Day tea celebration. It was the cutest thing ever. The kids were all standing up at their chairs when we came in so the mom's could sit in their chairs. It was so cute! They then served us colored mints, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and punch. Alivia also made a poem table setting and described all her favorite things about me.
 Here are some of my favorites that Alivia said. She actually did a pretty good job!
My favorite color: purple
My favorite place to go: McDonalds (ha! I LOVE McDonalds)
My favorite t.v. show: Dancing with the Stars
My hair color: blonde
My eye color: brown
My age: 4 (He, he!)
My favorite animal: camel (I thought this was hilarious. NOT sure where that came from)

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