Sunday, October 14, 2012

Princess Party

We went to a princess party hosted by the Blue Springs School District. Alivia had a great time getting her fingernails painted, make-up done and much more. Since Ben was out of town I took both kids by myself. We did great up until the very end when we were walking to the car and Will fell out of the stroller onto the cement. Poor baby was ok but not one mom stopped to help me. I was in shock as I picked him up and his lip was bleeding. Thankfully he was ok but of course I couldn't believe that I had forgotten to strap him back in the stroller. Lesson learned! I was just thankful that my little guy was ok. Alivia was such a good helper during the incident too. So....Will's first princess party experience wasn't exactly a success but Alivia still had a wonderful time. :(

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