Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to Class

This week was my crazy week back at school. Since this is my last semester of classes I decided to take a class early and double up on myself. I was supposed to take this class in May but with the baby coming I decided to try and get it done early. I am driving to Warrensburg on Tuesday nights and my other 2 classes are on Wednesday nights. I am carpooling to Warrensburg with 2 other girls from my cohort that are also having babies in the Spring. I am glad I get to ride with them every week. Well needless to say, I have been dreading this week having to start homework all over again. I just keep telling myself the end is so close!! Ben made this week so much easier for me. He kept things as normal as always, making dinner, cleaing the house, doing laundry, reading books with Alivia, giving baths and making this cute lunch below. I am just so lucky to have a husband that does so much around the house and never complains. How did I get so lucky? Ben, thanks for always being you and for being an amazing husband and father. We love you very much!

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