Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cleaning the basement

The last couple of days Ben, Alivia and I have spent downstairs reorganizing the basement for all of Alivia's toys since we don't have a playroom upstairs anymore. We are so excited to begin the next phase of our basement this month! We are hoping to have the entire thing finished by May when baby Will arrives. We are keeping our fingers crossed. For now, we just laid down some rugs so Alivia can still play with all of her toys downstairs. I didn't realize how many we had until we started pulling them all back out again. She loved playing with the baby toys too and would get so excited when she saw something for Will. It was a fun family project. Can't wait to have this finished soon! :)

Some of her toys tightly squeezed in here!

She LOVES getting some of the baby toys out for Will.

Ben didn't realize how many tubs of Alivia's clothes I had downstairs! lol!!!

Having fun riding her car with her doll!

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