Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Will's First Bottle- 5 Weeks Old

Tonight I had to meet my friend Cassie to finish our very LAST project for class. We are officially done and I couldn't be more happier about it!! Anyway, I fed Will right before I left so I could spend a few hours with Cassie. He always takes a long time to eat so I fed him for almost an hour so he would be good and full for Ben since we hadn't started bottles yet. He didn't really eat very good because he kept falling asleep. He is really good at that. ha! Needless to say Will had his first screaming hour since I wasn't home. Of course, I texted Ben to see how everything was going and he said great. He would never tell me to rush home. Such a good husband and daddy. I felt so bad when I cam home and he had been screaming for an hour. I then decided to pump and have Alivia give him his first bottle so that if I was every gone again this wouldn't happen. Will absolutely LOVED the bottle and drank the entire 4 oz in nothing flat. Alivia loved feeding him as well. He normally gets ups 2 or 3 times to eat when I breastfeed him before bed but after the bottle he only got up once during the night. I think the bottle was much easier for him to take so he was able to finish the entire thing. Glad he likes the bottle. I just hope he continues to breastfeed well too. I would like to have a good balance of both. I do like knowing that the bottle made him more full though because I know there are times when he falls asleep that he is not full and then he is hungrier sooner. We are proud of our growing boy. He is outgrowing his newborn clothes too because he is so long. What a big boy!!

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