Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Clause Comes to Alivia's House!

This morning we had a great surprise! Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause and their elves stopped by on their train! We were so excited when we heard the bells ringing in the street. Alivia was just about ready to go down for her nap so she was still in her pajamas but we quickly ran outside for a quick picture. She didn't really LOVE Santa Clause but they were all so friendly and she even got a present. How fun! This is so great that Grain Valley does this for the kids. :)

Not too sure about this mommy!

A little better since he is giving me a toy!

Waving bye to Santa!

Her first gifts from Santa under her tree!


  1. That is so much fun:) I hope Alivia's been a good girl so Santa will bring her lots of fun toys!!!!!

  2. Yesterday we were at Anna's house and heard all these Loud, Loud Sirens going off. Scott ran to the window to see what was happening. He was like a little kid....It's Santa Claus! He had brought his girlfriend's little boy with him and so we went out to see Santa. At first he wasn't quite sure, but we talked him into it and he was too excited. He got a race car, Alivia! It made our day! Love you...Janet