Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween tonight. We started the evening by trick or treating at Grammy's house. Then we went to Grandma and Papa Stewart's house. While we were there we visited some of their neighbors. Then we went to the Hunt's house to visit lots of friends!! Last, we went home for the neighborhood hayride and ended the night helping mommy and daddy pass out candy. It was such a great night. Alivia even said trick or treat when she got to the door and was such a big girl. We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. We definitely have candy to fill us up for days!! I am hoping to sneak some of it in the trash, he, he! Good night everyone!


Still posing....

Mommy, I do not want to wear my hat!!



She got play make-up and a new purse at Grandma and Papa's house!

YEE HAW! Our family!

Our big excited!!!

A little nervous...

My mom and dad's neighbors house....her first house!

Walking with mommy....


Alivia and Matthew....Alivia's future husband!! ha!

Matthew going in for a smooch!

Still going in for a smooch...he, he! LOVE IT!

Our family!

Looking at all the candy!!!

Getting sleepy but still wanted to help pass out candy and eat suckers. I am pretty sure she had about 5 of these suckers!!

She LOVED passing out candy. Every time a kid came to the door she would say, "THEIR COMING MOMMY!!" It was adorable! :)

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  1. Alivia you are a precious little cowgirl!! Looks like you enjoyed all the treats! So fun!!!!! :)