Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd Snow Day!!!

Today we had a great first part to our morning at home while we were waiting for Grandma Stewart to pick us up to go sledding at their house. Apparently Alivia loves watching Barney, which I never knew because we have never watched it at home before. I have never been able to get Alivia to watch T.V. for very long but she sat here eating her snacks by the fire and watched Barney for probably 10-15 minutes. That is really long for Alivia!! Ha, ha! We ended the afternoon with some snow fun at Grandma and Papa Stewart's house. It was another great snow day! Like I said before, I think I enjoy these days more than Alivia does. lol! I am sure we will be back to reality soon.....

Isn't this the life?

Uncle Phillip giving her a snack...he, he!

Papa and Grandma getting it ready....

Alivia and I trying to sled down the hill but we just sank since the snow was so soft...lol!

Smiling with Grandma Stewart

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  1. Glad you are having such a fun time with Alivia on your snow days! :)