Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big Girl Bed at Grandma and Papa's House

Today Ben had his annual Saturday with his good guy friends. They usually have a golf tournament they play in but because of the weather they went bowling and etc...instead. So, it was just going to be Alivia and I today. Since she was still running a fever we decided to go to my parents house to have a change of scenery since she has been at home since Tuesday. When we got there my mom and dad told Alivia they had a surprise for her. Alivia ran back to her room and saw her new Dora bed. My mom had taken down the crib (which was my crib when I was a baby) and had gotten her a new bed with Dora bedding. She was a little confused if it was for her baby dolls or her at first but after that she took her first nap in it and did really well. Our big girl is definitely growing up for sure. She will be 2 years old 2 weeks from today...crazy! Hopefully we are on the mend from her sickness. This afternoon she didn't have a temperature but we are just hoping we can be temperature free with no tylenol tomorrow so she can go back to Janets. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Alivia's new bed....

Dora pillow....

CHEESE! Notice my raggedy ann dolls from when I was a kid. lol!

I just had to take a picture of this. My mom honestly keeps everything from when I was a kid and I mean EVERYTHING! I know we give her a hard time sometimes about it but really I think it is so neat to see all my old clothes and toys from when I was a kid. Apparently my mom and dad would wait in many, many lines to buy these cabbage patch dolls. :)

Do you remember Kid Sister and Me?? I used to LOVE these dolls!!

Her recliner at Grandma and Papas.....watching baby einstein! Isn't that the life??

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  1. Love the big girl bed at your parents...and all your cabbage patch dolls too! :)