Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day sickness!

Since Tuesday afternoon Alivia has had a 102 temperature. Luckily, I was home with her on Tuesday for the snow day and my mom watched her yesterday and then I got to stay home with her today for another snow day. Alivia is quite the cuddler when she is sick so I didn't mind being lazy with her at all. She also likes to watch movies or t.v. when she is sick so I put in the letter factory for her to watch while she "tried" to eat some breakfast. I wish she would watch the letter factory when she isn't sick but I just can't get her to sit still fore more than 10 minutes! lol! Unfortunately Alivia still has a temperature this afternoon but I am hoping by tomorrow morning she will be better. We will see if there will be another snow day tomorrow or not. Regardless, I was glad that I got to spend the day with her and am so lucky that my mom can watch her tomorrow if I need her to! :)

I don't feel good Mommy!!!

I tried to get her mouth saying the "C" sound. It was too cute! She kept saying "C" has spit came out of her mouth as she was trying to say it!


  1. Get well soon cutie!! Gotta love Letter Factory:)

  2. Hope you feel better soon Alivia! Love Makena.