Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Brynn Irene Rubly is Here!!!

One of my best friends from college, Casey Rubly, had her baby today. Casey and Trevor waited a long time for this little girl to be born. They had artificial insemination and other things done over the last couple of years and finally invitro worked and they had twins and then lost one of their babies. Casey has been in out and of the hospital the last couple weeks and then was put on bed rest. Brynn was 2 weeks early. She was born at 3:37 and was 6 lbs 8z. and 19 inches long. Brynn is truly a miracle and a blessing. She looks just like her daddy. I just love all of her hair. We are so happy for you Casey and Trevor. We can't wait to come and see her soon! A trip to Oklahoma is definitely in the works. LOVE YOU GUYS!

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