Friday, February 4, 2011


My mom went with Alivia and I this morning to look at some preschools. We went to Duncan Academy in my neighborhood and Montessori Children's house of Blue Springs. I had planned on going to 2 other preschools (We Care and Learning Ladder) but we ran out of time with Alivia's doctors appointment taking too long. Also, both of those preschools do not offer extended care until 5:00 or just have a 10:00-2:00 option so those may not work anyway. As some of you know I have been apprehensive about Montessori schools ever since I started my education degree. I have seen a few kiddos in my kindergarten classroom in the past few years who have come from Montessori schools and have trouble transitioning with structure and are lacking academic skills. Well, I have definitely changed my mind about this particular Montessori school. I had once observed a Montessori school when I was in college and it was very, very unstructured and mad chaos. This preschool was not like that at all!! I also didn't realize that they do have calendar and structured circle time where they are learning academic things. It was so adorable when we walked in and they were all sitting in a circle learning about the letter Cc in a book and then they were talking about continents...WOW! One of the kids said, "What country do we live in again and what is our state?" I was so impressed that these 2 and 3 year olds even knew to ask that question. I had also had a preconceived idea that they didn't have practice writing stories, numbers or letters but they have lots of exposure to that. Best of all was that the learning environment was so calm and collect and after their structured time they were in their learning centers and those were academic structured learning centers not just life skill centers. LOVE IT! I am so glad I went to experience this so I could see what it is all about. It is definitely different from Duncan Academy and I really like both preschools but I especially liked the calmness of the environment at Montessori. Totally not what I expected at all!!! I still have some time to think about it but what a great learning experience for my mom and I today! Aubrey and Cassie, thanks so much for telling me how wonderful that Montessori school is. We had a great time there! Alivia even got to play (learn) with Brielle (Cassie's daughter) for a little bit. What a great day!

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