Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Bunny!

Today, my mom and I and Grammy took Alivia to eat lunch at Fritz's (the place at Crown Center that brings your food on the train) and we saw the Easter bunny too. We got to Fritz's at 11:00, which was a great time because there was no line. Right as we left it was super crowded. We also lucked out with the Easter bunny line because it was supposed to open at 12:00 and they opened at 11:45 and we happened to be there early so we got right in. Alivia, however, was NOT a fan of the Easter bunny. I was actually surprised because she was excited to see him and talked about it but boy she DID NOT want to sit on his lap. It was such a wonderful girls day!

Alivia's first gum ball! She really wanted pink and I explained to her that she may not get pink but thank goodness the odds were in our favor and pink rolled down!! She even said, "See Mommy, I said I wanted pink!" Ha!

At Fritz's!

LOVING her gum ball!

Pretending to ride the train....

Smiling with Grammy and waiting for our lunch on the train!

Not having it!

A little better with Mommy!

Watching the bunny from far away!

Still not to sure about the bunny! Look at that precious face! I know, I am biased! :)

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